About Us

Spooky2 is a manufacturer of general instruments specializes in design, product, sale and service. It is an enterprise in national level with new and high technology. Spooky2 has several practical new type innovations, appearance design patent, and software copyright. The company is located in Nanjing,with convenient traffic, good cultural environment and thick scientific research atmosphere. The comprehensive strength of Spooky2 has increased day by day after more than seven years operation and development, and the continuous innovation in science and technology. Spooky2 has built up an active fighting team and formed an excellent national instrument brand.

Spooky2 has a strong technical force. The research and development team is composed by the authoritative expert with advanced technology in instrument field. Rely on the technology of research and produce and many years of experience in instrument, combining the advanced management concept at home and abroad, Spooky2 has successively promoted the oscilloscope, Arb. Waveform Generator, Logic Analyzer, handheld oscilloscope, Frequency Analyzer, Multimeter, Handheld multifunction measuring instrument, Portable Oscilloscope, Programmable Power Supply and several series general instrument products. They have all received the recognition and reputation of the market especially in overseas market, and all the product has passed the CE certifications.

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